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Kobe Bryant - Greatest career dunks

When he closes a chapter that means it’s only the beginning of a new chapter!

"Just because we don’t see anything doesn’t mean God’s not working."

- Joyce Meyer (via prayerpartner)

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sad thing is, you can’t beat this man in a fight so you can’t say shit about his fit

why would you say shit in the first place? this man is on another level

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Chloe Bennet and Austin Nichols attend the 2014 Just Jared Summer Fiesta in West Hollywood (July 12, 2014)

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I don’t usually like photos of myself but this one is one of my favorites. Shot by Daeja Fallas for Free people circa 2012

{ Disneyland Paris } x Michal Switala

Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault (X)

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